Referral for Supports


Referrals for the Community Habilitation and Integration Waiver
or the Family Supports Waiver are handled by the Bureau of
Developmental Disabilities – (317) 205-0101.  After the Waiver
is approved, each person selects a Case Manager from a list of
approved case management organizations.

For all services, the Case Managers are responsible for developing
a Plan of Care that identifies the type and amount of service
approved for each individual. They monitor all progress and
assist with any problems.

All persons approved for service have a choice of service provider.
Note that use of any Medicaid Waiver service first requires that
the individual be Medicaid approved as well.

All referrals are encouraged to interview companies to select the
provider agency that can best meet their needs.  Providers are
notified of approved service plans by the Case Manager to
initiate services and update at least annually thereafter.

Quality Living Solutions provides services in Marion, Hancock,
Shelby and Johnson counties.

For more information or assistance with the referral process
please contact:

Audrey Freeman Hunt
(317) 691-6341
email address –