Quality Living Solutions strives to enhance the life of any person with a disability through the provision of individualized, in-home residential services, and community habilitation day services.


Quality Living Solutions provides person centered services to children, adults, and seniors with disabilities who choose where they want to live – in their own apartments, homes, or family homes, and for what makes up their daily life of activities, work, and leisure. Understanding that life is more than just a home, our team supports the need for developing, building, and maintaining community connections. We strive to assist our clients to ┬ábe able to be part of their community in activities they enjoy and participation in local clubs and groups they enjoy. Quality Living Solutions employees strive to assist persons with disabilities in leading rewarding and fulfilling lives, having meaningful relationships, maintaining optimum health, and living the life they choose.

Company wide, staff have many years of combined experience serving persons with disabilities and providing quality services in various areas of expertise. Our team is dedicated to providing support services that allow people to live successfully in their own homes and apartments in their community.

The company vision is to assist persons with disabilities in leading meaningful and rewarding lives and achieving their personal goals.